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The high performance B-7643 halogen free and non-adhesive cable tag is a cost efficient, practical solution to identify thick cables and cable bundles in agressive environments. Printable on-site with high volume benchtop printers and in the field with mobile printers, the B-7643 cable tag offers exceptional flexibility to companies active in power, telecom, ICT, aerospace, mass transit and defence industries.


Printable on-site and in the field!

The new halogen free cable tag offers increased flexibility to identify thick cables and cable bundles. Large volumes of durable cable tags can be printed on-site in facilities using a benchtop printer model, while a mobile printer can be used in the field to quickly label unidentified cables with the same tags. Printers compatible with the B-7643 tag include mobile label printers like the BMP61 and the BMP71 Label Printer, and benchtop systems such as the BBP12, BradyPrinter i3300 and BP PR+ Label Printer. That makes the B-7643 cable tag a great addition to Brady's complete offer in durable cable identification solutions.


Cost efficient

The B-7643 cable tag has been designed with minimal waste in mind. The tag does not require a liner to be printed, and generates minimal leftover material after use. It can easily be removed from a material roll and can be mounted with cable ties.

Technical data available

Brady's label testing laboratories have created a complete technical data sheet for the new B-7643 halogen free cable tag. The technical data sheet includes norms and regulations the tag complies with, such as RoHS 2011/65/EU and IEC 61249-2-21 halogen free, and test methods used according to DIN, ASTM and military specifications.