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Complete in-production machine labelling

Case Study

Large machine manufacturers need to provide reliable traceability for supply chains on the parts they manufacture and assemble in machines. In addition, instructions and safety precautions are needed on external machine components to inform customers. A wide range of quality identification solutions is required to properly label engines, internal parts and customer facing components.

Challenge: Efficiently print a wide range of labels

An agricultural machine manufacturer was using different printing systems to label engine and internal machine parts, wires, cables and external, customer facing components. Each system required its own training, consumables, suppliers and maintenance. The company needed a single, swift and versatile multi-role printing system to produce both industrial grade cable and component labels, and esthetical customer facing safety and instructional labels.

Solution: One, easy-to-use label printing system

Brady Corporation offers the versatile, easy-to-use BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer that can print very precisely on a large selection of reliable labels that have been tested at customers worldwide. Intuitive label design apps that include optional automated printing features further complete Brady’s response to the needs of machine manufacturers.

The BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer can print on 1400 stock parts,including 80 different label materials. The system can print at 300 and 600 dpi to produce both large and small internal part labels, rating plates, cable sleeves, cable labels, instructional labels and machine safety signs. Swapping label materials is easy, and can be done in less than 20 seconds thanks to an error-free ‘drop-lockprint’ product design and automatic printer set-up, initiated by a smart chip in the label supplies. On top of that, the BradyPrinter i5300 gets it right from the first label, and does not create any waste.

Labels that can be printed with the BradyPrinter i5300 include industrial-grade materials that can resist heat, cold, fuels, oils, abrasion, dirt, moisture, UV-radiation and weathering. Brady offers a technical data sheet for each label material and can provide samples for testing in specific production environments. Applications include product and component labelling, cable labelling, panel labelling, rating plates, inventory control and asset tracking.

With Brady Workstation apps, all labels become easy to design and print with the BradyPrinter i5300. Label templates can be designed and protected in just a few steps, and they can optionally source variable data from company systems. Bi-directional communication between the apps, the printer and the loaded consumable enables error-free label design to minimise waste, save time and gain production efficiency.

i5300 printer
i5300 labels

Results: All labels, one system

With one or more BradyPrinter i5300 and selected label supplies, machine manufacturers can create all the labels they need at their premises with great efficiency and speed. Swapping label supplies is possible in less than 20 seconds, and the printer gets it right from the first label. Users re-experience easy with the BradyPrinter i5300 when printing product, component, part, cable, panel and customer facing labels.