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Efficient audiovisual communication system
set-up and maintenance

Case Study

dB audiovisueel creates, installs, integrates and maintains complete audio & video solutions to solve their customers’ communication needs.

Experienced dB audiovisueel technicians are able to install, integrate and maintain complex audiovisual communications systems with great efficiency, supported by reliable cable and component identification labels.

Challenge: Enable efficient system set-up and maintenance

dB audiovisueel’s audio & video communication solutions include large volumes of cables that need to be identified clearly to enable efficient installation, integration and maintenance. The more complex audiovisual systems also include large amounts of HDMI, network and audio ports that rely on labelling to connect the right cables quickly.

dB audiovisueel also needed a highly reliable label to identify seating arrangements in political debate settings. Pre-identified seating enables dB audiovisueel to identify the speaker with a text overlay in real-time when a debate is ongoing. Cameras that automatically turn to any speaker, coupled with a complete audiovisual system that broadcasts over the internet, allow for a transparent political debate in the Netherlands open to any citizen with an internet connection. Getting the speaker’s name and party right is an important condition for dB audiovisueel’s customers and the wider public. Reliable seating labels enable technicians from dB audiovisueel to make sure speakers are identified properly.

In addition, all labels needed to be printable in the field with highly portable and practical printing systems.

self lam labels

Solution: Portable printers with reliable labels

Brady provided B-427 self-laminating vinyl cable labels, B-422 cost efficient polyester component labels and tougher, B-595 yellow vinyl labels to keep cables and components identified. To solve the portable printability need, Brady supplied BMP41 and BMP61 Label Printers.


The B-427 self-laminating cable label can be wrapped easily around the video-, audio- and network cables dB audiovisueel uses. The label includes a transparent laminate to keep the label print in pristine condition for a very long time. B-422 component labels are an ideal solution to label HDMI-ports and audio in- and output. They support professionals in the field to connect all cables quickly and correctly. B-595 labels offer a reliable solution for general identification needs.

The BMP41 and BMP61 Label Printers automatically recognise all label rolls and cartridges used by dB audiovisueel. The THT label printers automatically calibrate and are ready for printing immediately after consumable insertion. They are highly portable, include a standard keyboard, and fully functional in stand-alone mode to enable label printing in the field with great ease.

Results: Fast and efficient interventions

dB audiovisueel can perform fast and efficient on-site system installation, integration and maintenance thanks to clear cable & component labelling. Technicians usually do not even need to consult their sizeable technical documentation folders for a high quality intervention.