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Achieve higher levels of machine safety

Optimally warn and inform users about machine safety risks that cannot be removed through machine design with our reliable, high definition machine safety signs.

Fully compliant

Our Machine Safety Sign offer is compliant with the internationally recognised ISO 3864-2:2016 norm. Compliance with the norm enables maximum recognisability and helps machine users to better understand any warning, caution or mandatory PPE requirements. The entire range of machine safety signs is also offered on UL-approved materials.

Highly visible

The signs can be applied to any surface where they are most visible and best placed to support machine safety. Their high resolution print further attracts attention with bright colours and sharp, high definition safety messaging. They are printed on our reliable, industrial grade sign materials that can resist challenging conditions and remain attached and legible for many years.


Our machine safety signs are highly customisable to suit a variety of needs and machine usage contexts. Options include sign size, shape and adhesive to optimally fit any machine or part. Sign materials can be changed to determine in- or outdoor sign reliability in specific environments. And any prints are fully customisable to optimally impact machine safety.