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Easily absorb any spill

Uncontrolled spills can have a devastating effect on the environment, on people and businesses in the vicinity of the spill, and on a company’s future. It is a good management practice and, in many countries, a legal requirement to prepare for spills. The best preparation is backed up by professional tools that can help prevent major costs in fines, damages and pollution cleanup.

Spill control tools

Brady offers a number of spill control tools for land-based spills that can be deployed proactively or reactively, to absorb and/or prevent spills from spreading.

Proactive spill containment

Equipment and machinery that is prone to leak, or stored drums and IBC’s, can proactively be equipped with spill containment tools to prevent pollution and workplace accidents.


  • Decks and Pallets: With a capacity of 80 litres, our 2-drum, forklift-friendly spill decks are a cost effective way for containing potentially hazardous leaks in drum storage and dispensing areas. Each modular deck has built-in clips to easily and safely connect multiple decks to create a customised drum storage platform.
  • Berms: To proactively contain spills from drums and IBCs, we offer a reusable, lightweight yet heavy-duty Rigid Lock Quickberm that is very practical to use and set up. Its sides can be collapsed to allow forklift traffic and can easily be redeployed for spill containment.
  • Mats: Spill control mats and rugs keep aisles and walkways slip-free by absorbing and containing oils, liquids or other spills. They are designed to hold up in your toughest applications and are ideal for high traffic areas and workstations. Compared to an entrance mat, absorbent mats and rugs offer better traction, reduce slipperiness and keep liquids from being tracked from one area to the next.
  • SOCs: Absorbent SOCs are dependable, flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids. SOCs mould around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to soak up spills and drips, preventing fluid from escaping to other areas.
  • Pillows: Absorbent pillows are ideal for use under machines that are known to drip or leak. Pillows are easy to retrieve, and can soak up oil and water-based fluids in hard-to-reach areas including sumps, catch basins and outdoor ponds.

Reactive spill containment

When pro-active spill containment is not enough, or not in place, spill control tools are available to prevent spills from spreading and finally remove them.


  • Pads: Pre-cut pads are cost effective and convenient for wiping or catching drips. Minimal lint-versions are available and 3 categories are offered to choose from: heavyweight, medium and lightweight depending on the spill volumes to be removed.
  • Rolls: Pads are also available on continuous rolls to quickly cover larger surfaces and absorb spills, leaks and drips that have already spread.
  • SOCs: Primarily used as a pro-active tool, SOCs are flexible enough to quickly create a small dam to limit the spread of a spill when it has already occurred.
  • Granulars: The small, loose particles of a granular absorbent make it ideal for applications where a pad or roll would not offer a proper fit. In those instances, a granular absorbent can absorb liquids from the cracks and crevices of a variety of surfaces.



Easily mop industrial spills

HandySorb is a practical tool to remove spills in many workplaces. The HandySorb mop features an extendable handle and works with engineered pads to safely remove spills in a highly efficient and easy way.

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Safely remove acid, base and battery acid spills

The Acid Spill Kit, Base Spill Kit and Battery Acid Spill Kit each contain a selection of solutions that enable users to safely and quickly combat spills in a practical way.

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Safely store liquid containers on an easy to use spill tray to avoid clean-up costs while increasing workplace safety.

  • avoid clean-up costs: contain 20 to 60 litres of spilled harsh chemicals, including greases and oils in a robust, polyethylene structure that is 100% recyclable
  • increase workplace safety: avoid slips & falls by preventing spills from spreading on the workfloor and prevent combustion or asphyxiation by preventing spills from reacting with other chemicals
  • easy to use: available in 4 sizes with removable grates for easy cleaning and safe storage of bottles, a variety of containers and drums"

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