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Fast and easy floor marking with PaintStripe

Paintstripe sample pack Product Sheet

PaintStripe Floor Marking Stencils are designed to help create precise, painted lines to quickly organise workplaces and increase their efficiency.


Increase workplace efficiency

Clear visuals, like safety signs and floor marking, can communicate important information exactly where the information is needed. They help create an efficient, lean workplace by supporting employees to quickly and easily recognise safe walking areas, forklift lanes, storage locations and specific production areas.

Precise & easy

Marking floors can offer great benefits, but painting a precise line on a factory floor can be quite time consuming. With Brady's PaintStripe Floor Marking Stencil, precise floor marking lines can be painted:

  • a lot faster, because the stencils are easy to lay out and paint over
  • more precisely, because of exact line widths and distance markers on the stencil
  • on clean, smooth floors and rough or dirty floors, because of two quality adhesive types

Accelarating the application of painted floor marking like this, minimises project preparation time and disruption of normal operations.


Painted floor marking using PaintStripe stencils is ideal to increase efficiency in outdoor applications and also on high traffic factory floors, in heavy manufacturing facilities, in facilities with wet floors, harsh washdown or floor cleaning protocols and on floors frequently exposed to chemicals. Make sure you use paint suited for your working context!