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100% faster vial tube labelling

Case Study

Promise Proteomics, based in Grenoble, France, provides solutions for next generation therapeutic drug monitoring, based on unique know-how in stable isotope labelled protein production and recognised expertise in mass spectrometry-based quantification methods.

Challenge: Automate labelling to keep up with production

Promise Proteomics needed an automated labelling solution for the vials in the test kits they develop and manufacture to check biological samples for cancer and inflammatory diseases. Increased test kit production was making their current manual labelling process inefficient.

Solution: Automated vial tube label print and apply

Together with specialised laboratory distributor Dutscher, Brady proposed the BradyPrinter i7100 Vial Tube Label Printer- Applicator and B-7425 polypropylene labels to automate Promise Proteomics’ vial labelling process. The BradyJet J2000 was offered in addition to print labels for the test kit boxes in which the vials are offered.

The Vial Tube Label Printer-Applicator can label vial tubes twice as fast as in a manual label application process. Labels are printed and applied in a few seconds on tubes with a 10 to 17 mm diameter and a 38 to 105 mm length. Once labelled, tubes are ejected into a tray, or removed manually. Vial label printing and application can be triggered with a foot pedal, a sensor or a programmable controller.

promise proteomics

Promise Proteomics uses Brady’s B-7425 polypropylene label that is ideally suited for print & apply. The label is designed to stay attached to curved surfaces like laboratory vials, and it can resist fridge and freezer environments.

Labels for vials can be designed quickly by Promise Proteomics with the userfriendly Brady Workstation Laboratory Suite of apps for label design. The software supports fast content creation for Brady label sizes and materials which it automatically recognises.

With the BradyJet J2000 Colour Label Printer, any colour can be printed on reliable laboratory labels in high definition, 4800 dpi photo quality. The printed enables Promise Proteomics to print test kit box labels on demand, instead of storing large amounts of preprinted labels.

Results: 100% faster vial tube labelling

Promise Proteomics can now label vial tubes twice as fast. With several labelled vials per test kit, the increased labelling speed provided by the BradyPrinter i7100 Vial Tube Label Printer-Applicator better supports a growing production output. In addition, label positioning on the vials is standardised and precise, and supports an improved look for the finalised product.