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Case Study

Cable harness manufacturers invest hours of skilled manual labour to provide compact cable harnesses customers can assemble in larger machines, vehicles and electronics. Labour, resources and time are managed very carefully to remain competitive. The cable harness labelling process is no exception.

Challenge: An efficient, flexible cable harness labelling solution

A cable harness manufacturer faced inefficiencies and frustration linked to their labelling process. Labels and sleeves were not always printed right, printing was slow, and changing label materials was avoided as much as possible to prevent additional waste and time loss. The company clearly needed a more efficient and flexible label and sleeve printing solution to identify terminals, connector housings, cables and wires in a range of thicknesses, in-line with varying specifications from customers in different industries.

Solution: No-waste, reliable cable harness labelling

Brady Corporation has the perfect identification solution for cable harness manufacturers. It includes the BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer, reliable and tested label and sleeve materials, and intuitive Brady Workstation label design apps.

The BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer can print precisely and extremely fast on a wide range of reliable label materials. It prints all of them right from the first label with zero waste, thanks to a smart chip in every easy-to-load label consumable that automatically initiates the perfect calibration and printer set-up. With the BradyPrinter i5300, users can load a new consumable and have their first labels printed within 20 seconds without any manual sensor, heat or print speed adjustments. In addition, the printer features a solid design that is perfectly fit for industrial contexts, and it is easy to integrate in most existing workflows.

Label materials that can be printed with the BradyPrinter i5300 include wire labels, wire sleeves, panel component labels, raised panel labels, panel rating plates and arc flash warning labels. Every label material has been designed and tested and is offered on error-proof drop-lock-print rolls and ink ribbon cartridge designs that can only be loaded in the right way.

Designing cable harness labels up to customer specification is easy with Brady Workstation label design apps, which work seamlessly with the BradyPrinter i5300. Label designs can be ready in just a couple of clicks, label data can be imported from existing databases, and users will even be alerted if a label design does not match the label material currently loaded in the BradyPrinter i5300.

i5300 printer
cable harness

Results: No label or time waste

With the BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer, cable harness manufacturers have one thing less to worry about. The system prints reliable identification labels and sleeves like clockwork and does not require a complex set-up or workflow integration. The BradyPrinter i5300 saves valuable time and prints every label right, from the first to the last label in its print queue.