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Faster integration of vertical warehouses

Case study

An automatic vertical warehouse provider can integrate its solutions faster thanks to automated cable identification with the BradyPrinter A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator.

Challenge: Quickly identify thousands of cables

The vertical warehouse provider needed a solution to increase the installation speed of its highly efficient automatic vertical warehouses. At the same time, they wanted to deliver faster on change requests in automatic warehouses already operational at their customers.

Efficient cable marking with clear cable source and destination data became a major part of the solution to this challenge. With thousands of cables to identify, a highly efficient, automated cable identification system became a necessity.

Solutions: Print & apply cable labels in less than 5 seconds

Brady proposed reliable cable wrap-around identification labels and the BradyPrinter A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator. This automated system can consistently label several cable types, with a variety in cable thickness. It prints and applies advanced labels with great speed, and needs less than 5 seconds to identify a cable. That is roughly 3 times faster than the traditional manual approach and enables fast identification of large volumes of cables.

The BradyPrinter A6500 can receive label data to print from a wide range of company ERP-systems in a highly automated setup. It can also be operated in stand-alone mode using a full colour touch screen menu.

On top of its cable label printing and application speed, the BradyPrinter A6500 can apply quality, industrial-grade labels that stay attached and remain legible in heavy duty environments. Label reliability is extremely important to enable efficient execution on installed automatic warehouse change requests.

Brady also demonstrated system integration possibilities with other cable processing tools, delivered training, and on-site system implementation.


Results: Increased installation speed

With every cable reliably labelled, professional system integrators can perform faster automatic vertical warehouse installations. Labelling every cable is done in a minimum of time with the BradyPrinter A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator at a speed of 5 seconds per cable.