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Reliable QR-coded labels to track
electrical equipment compliance

Case study

Peitsman is a large partner who can provide advice and all technical solutions for projections, light, sound and video for both in and outdoor events in the Netherlands.

Challenge: Track electrical equipment compliance

Peitsman needed to track technical equipment inspections in order to comply at all times with the NEN3140 standard in the Netherlands. The labels Peitsman was using, did not adhere well and left adhesive residue on the equipment when they fell off. Peitsman was also looking for a professional label printer to create QR-codes so they could more easily track equipment inspections and comply with NEN3140.

Solution: Reliable labels printed with QR-codes on the BradyPrinter i7100

Brady proposed the BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer, B-480 and B-7593 EPREP-labels, and Brady Workstation software to reliably label all technical equipment. At Peitsman, this includes a wide range of cables, speakers, screens, projectors, lighting, mixing tables and more.

The BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer can print on both the B-480 polyester label and the B-7593 EPREP-label, with great accuracy and precision. The printer works seamlessly with Brady Workstation apps for label design that enable easy label serialisation, bar- and QR-code printing on a wide range of industrial-grade label materials.

i7100 printer
i7100 printer label

A reliable identification label with a unique QR-code on every piece of equipment helps technicians to quickly check the item’s inspection status. Scanning the QRcode with a phone or dedicated scanning device provides fast access to inspection data on an internal website or in a database. Optionally, the QR-code could also provide access to installation information. The B-480 polyester label with rubber based adhesive, provides a nameplate-like identification quality and adheres well to typical electrical equipment surfaces. The B-7593 EPREP-label even adds nameplate thickness using a supporting foam for the neatest of results.

Having all items reliably labelled also offers Peitsman a faster way to audit their inventory. Scanning items out for rent, and scanning them back in on return, enables a much faster view on which specific items could be missing.

Results: Paperless tracking with QR-codes on reliable labels

Peitsman now monitors and tracks all of their equipment with great efficiency. The margin of error has become very small, and all items are set-up for a completely paperless tracking process. Optionally, Brady’s SafeTrak software can be added to trigger predefined item inspections by scanning the item’s QR-code, and to auto-report on inspection completion.