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Quickly identify a great variety of
laboratory sample containers

Case Study

Challenge: Increase sample identification speed

A medium-sized medical laboratory analysed its sample handling process in pursuit of increased operational efficiency. Researchers unanimously found they were spending too much time on sample identification and labelling. The process involved retyping information, often in multiple printing systems, because it was not very clear which system could print the optimal labels for a specific sample container type.

Solution: One easy-to-use precision printer to label any sample

Brady Corporation offers the BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer, a timesaving identification solution that prints precise and reliable labels for any laboratory sample container at record speed.

The BradyPrinter i5300 prints precise labels for slides, vials and tubes in all relevant sizes, including labels for vial tops, without wasting any material. Even the smallest label prints will offer great legibility due to excellent small font rendering at 600 dpi. Printer set-up and calibration is automated, thanks to smart chips in dedicated label consumables that can easily be loaded in-line with our drop-lock-print principle. With the BradyPrinter i5300, researchers can load a new label type and have their first labels printed within 20 seconds, without any manual sensor, heat or print speed adjustments. The printer also features a clear, full colour screen that displays an intuitive, easy-to-use navigation, complete with user tutorials.

Each label type that can be loaded in the BradyPrinter i5300 has been tested in-house at Brady laboratories, and by customers worldwide. Brady offers labels, for each sample container type, that will stay attached and remain legible when exposed to laboratory chemicals, auto-claves and storage conditions, including freezers and liquid nitrogen.

With Brady Workstation label design apps, sample container identification can be further automated. Data from laboratory LIMS or ERP-systems can be sourced and entered automatically as serial numbers, barcodes or QR-codes in matching label templates that are ready for printing with the BradyPrinter i5300. The printer will even warn users when the wrong label size is loaded thanks to bi-directional communication technology between the label consumable, the printer and the label design apps.

i5300 printer
i5300 lab labels

Results: Fast, error-free sample container labelling

Researchers can now quickly print reliable labels that perfectly fit their sample container, either from a full colour intuitive printer interface, or from the laboratory LIMS. Switching consumables is easy and fast. The printer recognises every label type and sends a warning when a different label roll needs to be loaded in order to print the label needed to identify a specific sample type.