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Track tracing automated supply management

Case Study

Executive summary

    AB InBev’s laboratory in Leuven uses a highly efficient FIFO supply management system with largely automatic reorders, enabling the staff to focus on core responsibilities.


AB InBev’s laboratory in Leuven, Belgium, needed a user-friendly and automated supply management system to alert lab professionals and purchasers on chemical stock levels and expiry dates. The system would become the supply corner piece of a highly performant laboratory with efficient stock levels and a minimum of non-core activities.

The lab already owned a Brady BMP71 Label Printer with the ability to print barcodes on chemical resistant labels, which is an ideal starting point for reliable track & tracing in an automated supply management system.


Brady proposed its Safetrak software and the Honeywell Xenox Scanner to complement the BMP71 Label Printer already in use.

Safetrak allows for a multitude of customisations, and in close cooperation with AB InBev, Brady set up supplier information, order references, expiry dates, storage locations and links to Material Safety Data Sheets per product in the system.

Incoming products are barcoded and scanned so the supply management system can link them with the set up expiry dates. On use, products are scanned a second time to keep track of stock levels. Whenever supply is running low, the system automatically informs stakeholders selected by AB InBev. Automatic alerts are also sent out whenever specific chemicals or other supplies are about to expire. If needs dictate, the stock levels that trigger the automated messages can easily be adapted in Safetrak.


The AB InBev laboratory in Leuven operates a highly efficient FIFO supply management system driven by largely automatic reorders.

“We received a clear, practical and hands-on demo with our new supply management system. Brady quickly customised its Safetrak software to accommodate our needs.”
Ariane Van Obberghen, Quality Analist, Anheuser-Bush InBev