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Visual tagging solutions for environmental monitoring

Case Study

Executive summary

Kier needed a practical solution to the environmental monitoring of its significant aspects to ensure that risk areas were adequately managed. Brady, with input from Kier’s in-house environmental manager, developed a series of bespoke tags that communicate important environmental monitoring information and were directly linked to the Kier’s relevant procedures via QR code.


Prior to the Enviro-tag being used, records of environmental monitoring were kept in SHE files within the site office at every construction site. Such documents were often reviewed during inspections and audits but did not sufficiently address monitoring of key environmental risk areas out on site. Moreover, these documents did not provide evidence that monitoring had been undertaken in-situ next to the risk area.


Working together with Kier, a custom Enviro-tag suite was developed. Enviro-tags include a holder that can easily be fastened to near-by fences or posts, and replaceable inserts that can log inspections; frequency dependent on risk level.

The Oil & Fuel Tanks Tag is usually fastened to fencing which surrounds the oil & fuel tank in a construction compound. The tag enables viewers to identify specific tanks, contact an appointed person or access the company’s internal procedure through a QR code. On the tag’s rear, up to 15 inspection results complete with date, time, name, signature and proposed actions, can be recorded. The tag is highly visible, encourages in-situ inspections and improves communication. Additionally, it provides direct e-access via QR-code to the relevant procedure which presents a more detailed explanation of legal requirement and best practice.

Another iteration of the enviro-tag includes the Tree & Root Protection Area tag. This tag is used to identify trees that require preservation or protection from site activities and takes into account measures and controls cited within BS 5837 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. The tag offers a checklist of protective measures that must be taken, to avoid damage and maintain the health of the trees


Kier and Brady are working on a complete suite of environmental monitoring tags. These will be designed to mirror the success of the Oil & Fuel Storage tag and Tree & Root Protection Area tag.

“The success of the Oil & Fuel Storage tag has been unparalleled, and it is my intention to develop a suite of tags to ensure suitable and sufficient monitoring of significant aspects on all our projects is undertaken.”
Chris Grimes, Kier Environmental Manager