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Immediately recognise every cable, server and component

Data centre identification guide book

Data centre identification guide book

Unlabelled cables, ports, servers, routers and racks can make even the most professional system administrators lose heart. Many labels commonly used in data centres become detached and fall to the ground, deteriorated by server generated heat.

Discover our reliable range of identification & RFID solutions, dedicated to solving data centre labelling issues.

Solve these data centre identification challenges:

  • RFID: Automated inventory audits
  • NFC: Secured data centre labelling
  • Common identification issues
  • Relevant labelling guidelines
  • Sticks to stay attached
  • No cable damage
  • All cable diameters covered
  • Cable bundle identification
  • Metal nameplate look
  • Untouched by heat
  • Easily identify every port
  • Design and print your own labels

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