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Tailored asset & component labels in any size & colour

Durable asset & component labels can be designed with the highest flexibility in any way you want them

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Durable asset & component labels can be designed with the highest flexibility in any way you want them.

Tailored asset & component labels

Our asset and component labels can be created with the highest flexibility. This includes:

  • small prints of text in every language, symbols and special characters
  • improved serialisation with higher resolution barcodes and numbers
  • full colour prints of company logos, including colour shades, safety pictograms, images and visuals
  • more economical printing of complex data
  • artwork support to help create the ideal label

Enhanced printing options are available on most durable Brady labels and tags:

  • remain legible and stay attached in tough, industrial environments
  • great indoor durability
  • 5 year outdoor durability (on request)
  • self-adhesive labels and non-adhesive identification tags
  • applicable on smooth or rough surfaces, with permanent or removable adhesive

Fully printed, or completed at your location

Enhanced labels can be offered fully printed and ready to be applied either manually or with a label feeder and existing pick & place machinery in automated production lines. Labels can also be partially preprinted and completed at your location with batch codes, production dates or other information using a Brady printer. In automated production this can be done with the BSP61 Print & Apply System, and for manual application we recommend the BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer or other printers from the Brady range.

Improved traceability & compliance

Asset and component traceability, from production to maintenance and even spare part service contracts, becomes easier because more information can be printed in a legible way on durable labels. This can also result in better compliance with legal requirements such as UL certification, safety standards and environmental responsibilities.