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Rotating Label for faster cable troubleshooting

Being able to identify cables quickly is of major importance for troubleshooting in data centres and other industrial settings. Our Rotating Label enables users to easily rotate a cable label to make its print legible from any angle, in order to increase troubleshooting speed and efficiency.

Faster troubleshooting

The B-427 self-laminating Rotating Label version can increase the speed of cable identification because its print can be read from any angle. The label can be rotated around a cable thanks to a non-adhesive printable zone and a translucent, self-adhesive laminate that is wrapped around a cable. Increasing the speed of cable identification can be of major importance for troubleshooting and helps to avoid time loss or human errors like unplugging the wrong cable.

Reliable and printable on-site

The Rotating Label is part of Brady’s reliable, industrial grade labels for cables and components that stay attached and remain legible long after they are applied. They can easily be designed with Brady Workstation apps to include any text, serial number, barcode, QR code or other data before printing on a Brady printer. Compatible printers include the BBP12BradyPrinter i3300BradyPrinter i5100BradyPrinter i7100BradyPrinter M611BMP61 and BMP71.

Complete support

In addition to reliable labels, label design apps and printers, Brady can provide custom identification solutions through a consultative on-site approach. Brady identification solutions are always available locally through a vast and global distributor network. Once solutions are in place, customer and technical services are available to answer any questions.

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