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Identify outdoor items up to 12 years

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The toughest outdoor label in the market resists UV-light, weathering, fluids and abrasion and keeps outdoor equipment, vehicles, components and facilities clearly identified for up to 12 years*. It is available in white, yellow, black and silver for a wide range of outdoor applications.

Identify outdoor items up to 12 years


Up to 12 years durability

Many outdoor identification solutions fade, shrink, crack or fall-off after a couple of years making them unreadable and therefore irrelevant. Brady’s halogen free and ultra durable outdoor identification label remains attached and clearly legible for up to 12 years* in tough outdoors conditions. The label is uniquely weather resistant and doesn’t even need an overlaminate to protect its print.

Clear and durable identification increases the efficient use of equipment, components, vehicles, tools and facilities, and it doesn’t need frequent replacement.

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B-8591 Roof Top Label

Many outside applications

Available in black print on a yellow, silver or white surface, and in white print on black, the toughest outdoor identification label is ideal to barcode and identify outside equipment:

  • Solar panels
  • Vehicles
  • Equipment
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Facilities
  • Outside doors & stairwells
  • Rooftop airconditioning units
  • Outside vending machines
  • Lighting columns
  • In sectors with outdoor activities or products, like telecom, construction or electrical, the toughest outdoor label will increase efficiency through clear identification and communication on the spot.

    BBP12 with Laptop connection

    Easy to create and apply

    The toughest outdoor identification label can be printed at location using the BBP11, BBP12 or BradyPrinter i7100 from Brady. When coupled with labelling software, several barcode and serialisation options become available for on-site printing. Because the label is self-adhesive and does not require an overlaminate, it is easy to print and apply.

    Also called B-8591, the toughest outdoor weather resistant label is part of Brady’s Workhorse™ Label Series.

    * Outdoor performance statements are based on test results from accelerated weathering per ASTM G155, Cycle 1 and do not constitute a guarantee or warranty. Actual outdoor life of the product will depend on user definition of failure, climatic conditions, pollution, and label positioning. See Technical Data Sheet via for more information and warranty.