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Fast electrical circuit lockout with TAGLOCK™

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The unique TAGLOCK™ lockout solution enables operators, mechanical engineers, maintenance and safety personnel to quickly and easily lock out electrical circuits in order to prevent accidental engagement while maintenance is ongoing. With TAGLOCK™, the risk of electrocution and other accidents related to re-energising can be reduced.

Prevent accidents

TAGLOCK™ blocks circuit breakers in the off-position to prevent accidental re-engagement while maintenance is ongoing. By securing circuit breakers in the off-position during maintenance, you can reduce the risk of electrocution and other, re-energising related, accidents with potentially severe consequences.

Up to 4 workers

Up to 4 workers can use the circuit breaker lockout device simultaneously, each with their personal, colour-coded cable tie. When their job is complete, each worker removes his tie and tag. The last worker also removes the circuit breaker lockout device when maintenance is done to allow circuit breaker re-engagement.

Easy to apply

TAGLOCK™ can be installed quickly and easily:

  • apply the circuit breaker lockout device
  • run a cable tie through its hole
  • add a tag
  • attach a padlock for extra security

The TAGLOCK™ lockout devices are small enough to be applied on most circuit breakers that are positioned next to each other. Run one nylon cable tie through the holes of the applied circuit breaker lockout devices to block all circuit breakers involved in the off-position.